Friday, August 1, 2014

How old is Taylor Momsen again?(15photos) #celebrities

How old is Taylor Momsen again?:celebrities,big breasts0

Seriously. Taylor Momsen is going to get someone in trouble. I just hope it’s not me. Of course, for it to be me I’d have to be able to get closer than a few hundred miles of her. Pity the poor sap who actually does have access to her. Like the photographer for Nylon magazine, for example. I hope it was a lady who took these photos because if it were a dude, and he was straight, this would be borderline breaking the law, magazine or no magazine.

The beauty of dance schools #picasa

The beauty of dance schools:Best,school girl,picasa0

Elizabeth Hurley put on a little show in Ibiza(10) #celebrities

Elizabeth Hurley put on a little show in Ibiza:celebrities,cleavage0

These photos of Elizabeth Hurley hanging out on a boat in a bikini in Ibiza aren’t really all that special. Sure, she gives us some great cleavage and a little butt, wait a sec… maybe they are kind of special. You know, Liz used to be one of my favorite women in the world, but then she kind of fell off my radar. Mostly because she was always at events promoting her line of bikinis while not actually ever being seen in one herself, which is why I haven’t given her any coverage the past couple of years. Let this be a lesson to her.

on the street vol.25 part 5(21pics) #picasa

on the street vol.25 part 5:upskirt,picasa0

David Caruso Has An Awesome Family(2pics) #celebrities

David Caruso Has An Awesome Family:celebrities0

His lineage of coolness will continue on and on and on….

at the station part 3 #upskirt

at the station part 3:upskirt,picasa0

Interview With a Busty Singaporean Banker!

Interview With a Busty Singaporean Banker!:dating,dress for girls,big girl,fun girls,lingerie,big breasts,slut,panties,cleavage0

Proving that not all bankers are boring, soulless money crunchers. We bring you the Sexy, eye popping BustySingaporean, standing five-ten,  Measuring at 38DD, 25″ waist, 34″ hips at 112 lbs.  Busty will give you a reason to go visit your local bank.

OKlads: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you in a bank?

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